We're often asked what's the difference between our Solovair 11 Eye Astronaut boots vs the classic 11Eye Derby boot. We've compared the two popular styles below listing the similarities and variations.


Both styles are manufactured using the same Hi-Shine leather which means the leather and general care for both styles is identical. To learn more about caring for your leather and footwear, read our shoe care tips here.


There are both subtle and more prominent construction variations between both styles which include the below:

1) The heel panel on the Derby boot is decoratively stitched while the Astronaut style has an additional panel which is top-stitched.

2) The join design at the sides of the boots are varied. The Derby boot is a curved design, while the Astronaut is more angular.

3) The stitch colour for both boot styles is identical with the exception of the Oxblood version. The Oxblood Derby has black stitching whilst the Oxblood Astronaut has white contrast stitching. 



The classic 11'eye Derby boot is manufactured using our 409 last which has a standard fit with a round but deep toe shape. The Astronaut style however is manufactured using our 493 last shape which results in a standard fit with a round but slimmer toe shape.