The origins of the Monkey Boot design are rumoured to have started during WW2 and over time, saw many adaptations. First adopted by British sub-communities in the 1960's, the Monkey Boot remains just as iconic today as it has always been.

Inspired by sub-cultural uniform, two British brands (Fred Perry and George Cox) collaborated to create an exclusive footwear series. Combining iconic style references with quality craftsmanship, NPS Shoes proudly handcrafted the Fred Perry x George Cox Monkey Boot offering strength, durability and flexibility utilising the Goodyear welting construction method. 

Included in the collaboration were two leather styles which were inspired by the original Monkey Boot design from George Cox's footwear archive. 

Intertwining contemporary cultural styling, the series includes two styles re-imagined by designer Nicholas Daley. Featuring Mushroom or Deep Mustard shades, each classic Suede design sports a contrast-coloured panel.

In partnership with Fred Perry, the Oxblood Monkey boot was featured in Nicholas Daley's AW20 London Fashion Week show entitled "The Abstract Truth".


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