Solovair footwear are manufactured to an excellent standard and will provide many years of use, however our soles are made from PVC which is a soft, flexible, and durable material and the upper will always wear much longer than the sole. This is why we are now offering an in-house re-sole service at our factory for your shoes and boots. There are multiple factors which may affect the length of time before a resole is required including how often the footwear is worn, the environment they have been worn in, the gait of the customer and how the footwear has been cared for.


There are a couple of signs you can look for, is the tread on the footwear worn down? Is the heel wearing down on one side? Is there a crack appearing in the forepart of sole? These are all signs that a resole is required to prolong the life of your footwear.


If the upper is in a good condition and the welt is not damaged, we will be able to re-sole your Solovair footwear. If you are unsure if your footwear is suitable to be re-soled, please send us images prior to purchasing the service so that we can advise if a resole is possible.


Once we receive the footwear, if we find a problem, we will advise of this before starting the repair.


Please note, we are only able to re-sole Solovair footwear, we will not be able to apply our soft suspension Solovair soles to another brands footwear.


We will fully replace the sole on your footwear as part of this service, we are unable to offer any other repairs.


Please allow 5-6 weeks once the footwear is received by our warehouse for the repair to be carried out by the factory.


Once you have purchased the repair service we will send instructions regarding sending your footwear to us. For further information or advice please contact